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Cash Flow Benefits

Electric-Coalition-imageMidland Chamber Electric Coalition
Shopping for Electricity Contracts Turning You Off? Our chamber purchasing group is the easiest way to get the lowest energy bids from competing providers.
We have partnered with a reputable, experienced, energy broker, NRG SimplySmart Solutions, who can help you compare bids from multiple providers and ensure you have the best product on the market. Complete and return the “Easyforms” along with your commercial electricity bills and SimplySmart Solutions will contact you with the results. There is no cost or obligation to get a comparison to your current rate! To find bids for your business,
click here to download the Easy Form, or contact our exclusive broker, NRG Simply Smart Solutions, at (888) 822-9090 x104.

 Consult_A_Doctor_LogoConsult-A-Doctor-Plus powered by Teledoc 
Midland Chamber businesses can now provide their employees with a healthcare benefit that provides on-demand access (via phone, email or video chat) to U.S. Board Certified providers 24/7/365! The cost is only $10 per month per employee. Employees incur no additional costs to access Consult-A-Doctor Plus! The low monthly fee also provides access to Legal and Financial counseling (30 minutes free per issue - unlimited issues) and WellCard Discounts. Click here to view a detailed list of benefits. To enroll:

  1. Download and complete the Service Agreement form and save it to your computer documents. You will upload this during the online enrollment process (see step 3 below).
  2. Dowload and complete Employee Census File and save it to your computer documents. You will upload this during the online enrollment process (see step 3 below).
  3. Complete the Group Enrollment Questionnaire. Under the “Information About Plans, Billing and Brokers” section:
    1. Select “ Full CADR+ Bundle” as the plan for which your group is enrolling
    2. The "PMPM" (Per Member Per Month) is $10.00
    3.  Under Broker name, please list "Midland” as the First Name and “Chamber of Commerce" as the last Name.
    4. Use 432-683-3381 for the broker phone number. 
    5. Use for the broker email address.
    6. Use 71348 as the Broker ID.

You will be contacted by a represented of Consult-A-Doctor Plus to finalize your application / payment arrangements. Upon completion of the enrollment process, each of your covered employees will receive a welcome email with instructions to utilize Consult-A-Doctor Plus.

Computer_training_iconMidland Chamber Computer Learning Lab

Are you getting the most out of your business software? The Midland Chamber of Commerce can help! Chamber membership now includes access to, a comprehensive Online Training Library with over 1260 courses and 72,272 tutorials organized by subject, software and instructor. These straightforward, easy-to-understand training videos are accessible from the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME OR OFFICE...Plus there is NO CHARGE - It's all included with your membership! Call the Chamber office to set up your FREE account and schedule your appointment.

PLUS - Click Here to View Valuable Member-to-Member Benefits