• Current PIE Requests

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    Campus Description of Request Deadline Cost 
    San Jacinto Junior High Yard Signs to promote student pride ASAP $3,300
    Sam Houston Elementary Flexible seating for my classroom to create a more comfortable learning environment  August 1, 2017 or until filled $340
    Lee High School Requesting 20 Chromebooks for the Social Studies department. There is only 1 mobile lab currently available for the entire department and this would  help the students who can't bring their own devices participate in online classroom discussions and simulate a real college environment August 14, 2017 or until filled $3,000
    Midland Freshman Meals for 40 female students and 10 volunteers during the IMPACT program - meets twice per month Monthly  Approx. $250 per session (X 16 sessions) 
    Sam Houston Elementary 300 water bottles for the Get Fit event at Sam Houston encouraging students to complete a mile run/walk September 1, 2017 $350
    Bowie Fine Arts 10 Chromebooks for a math classroom to better assist students with learning and differentiating content N/A $2,000
    Midland High Due to a flood and termite infestation, the MHS Theatre Department lost all of its cabinets, shelving, and storage and needs to rebuild their space N/A $500
    Bowie Fine Arts Academy Smartboard Interactive display and mobile stand to use in the gym to integrate technology for lessons and classroom management. N/A $10,000
    Bowie Fine Arts Academy 10 Chromebooks for math classroom in order to better differentiate content to meet more students' needs. N/A $2,000
    Fannin Elementary My library is 'multi-purpose' and that means disassembling and packing up after each group.  Why not go vertical with a LEGO wall?  N/A $525
    Goddard Junior High We are looking for mentors for our students.
    The commitment would be 30-45 minutes a week.
    N/A  N/A 
    Santa Rita Elementary Mentoring for students in grades 3-6 (priority) and K-2 if possible N/A  N/A 
    Emerson Elementary We need mentoring for many of our students grades 3-6. N/A  N/A 


    An educated workforce is critical to the success of Midland businesses. Partners In Education is a program of Midland ISD that allows employee volunteers to share their time and knowledge with students. Businesses also provide in-kind services such as apprenticeships and internships, part-time jobs, tutoring, scholarships or equipment and supplies.

    Midland businesses can partner with an individual school, or the school district. Each partnership is based on the expertise of the business and its ability to help. Partners in Education is a program of the Midland ISD; HOWEVER, teachers and administrators from all Chamber member area schools (public, private and charter schools) are eligible to request assistance HERE.


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