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    Chamber members have access to a new program promising “Fortune 500 consumer insight on a small business budget.” The chamber is partnering with the Conway Chamber of Commerce to offer members consumer research and customer prospect lists. Through a partnership with consumer intelligence company, Acxiom, ChamberLeads helps business-to-consumer businesses identify and reach their “best prospects.” The finished product is a file of names and addresses of prospective customers who are custom matched to each business. Member businesses will be able to order customized lists that identify potential customers by name and by more than a thousand demographic and consumer characteristics like age, gender, estimated net worth and home equity, presence of children, and more. For more information, please call us at 432-683-3381.
    Consult-A-Doctor-Plus powered by Teledoc 
    Midland Chamber businesses can now provide their employees with a healthcare benefit that provides on-demand access (via phone, email or video chat) to U.S. Board Certified providers 24/7/365! The cost is only $10 per month per employee. Employees incur no additional costs to access Consult-A-Doctor Plus! The low monthly fee also provides access to Legal and Financial counseling (30 minutes free per issue - unlimited issues) and WellCard Discounts. Click here to view a detailed list of benefits. To get started, complete this form and return or call 432-683-3381.


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