• Fulfilled PIE Needs

    Thank you to the following businesses who are committed to education in Midland. 



  • Campus

    Description of Request


    Sam Houston Flexible seating for my classroom to create a more comfortable learning environment   
    Sam Houston We need a laser printer for students' lessons to replace the one that broke last year.  
    Bowie Fine Arts Academy Need to purchase books to update and expand library.  
    Coleman High School Many of our students are reluctant readers.  We would like to purchase Playaways so students can listen to books as they read to generate interest in reading.  
    Sam Houston Teachers would like to bring Rhett Price (musician) to school for an assembly designed to teach students the importance of practice to obtain a goal.  
    Bush Elementary My campus has 1 of 2 Austism Units in MISD.  These students are mainstreamed and I would love to be able to have flexible seating in my classroom to promote different learning styles for all of my students.   


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