Midland College
    Job Description
    Position Status Full Time
    Classification Title Transportation Training Instructor-12 m
    Work Location Christensen Stadium-4300 N. Lamesa Rd., Midland, TX
    Job Summary

    The Transportation Trainer will provide instruction and train students in the classroom as well as in driving. The students will be provided with training and experience to obtain a Commercial Driver License.

    Required Qualifications

    High school diploma or equivalent

    Must possess a valid Texas Class “A” Commercial Driver License, good driving record, and be insurable on Midland College’s insurance policy

    Three years experience driving “over the road” (OTR) or local

    Experience in pre-trip/post trip inspections, coupling and uncoupling of equipment

    Computer literacy

    Knowledge of rules and regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

    Knowledge of Double Clutching techniques and how to teach it as required by TXDPS

    Knowledge of air brake testing procedures and be able to instruct and execute

    Knowledge of Hours of Service Regulations and be able to log and teach log book entries as well as log book recap

    Ability to manage multiple tasks while providing close attention to detail

    Ability to work in cooperation with others and work a flexible schedule based on training needs

    Maintain a high level of record keeping, utilize creativity, and meet frequent deadlines

    Establish goals and maintain a high level of decision making

    Adaptable to a constantly changing environment

    Must successfully pass a DOT physical and DOT drug test

    Preferred Qualifications

    Prior experience in driving instruction

    Essential Functions

    Provide students with training necessary to obtain a Commercial Driver License

    Follow all curriculum and daily assignments and adjust as necessary to meet student learning needs

    Prepare and communicate clear educational objectives while presenting current and accurate course content to the student

    Prevent student accidents by assessing student’s abilities for on the road training

    Record daily student progression and attendance on Student Progress Report

    Maintain professional teaching environment, utilize patience when teaching, and maintain student confidentiality

    Increase overall course evaluation ratings

    Inspect each truck and trailer used that day in accordance with the Department of Transportation regulations

    Prepare an inspection report and provide it to the Lead Trainer daily

    Maintain a clean and safe working and learning area

    Council students and discuss issues from training

    Other duties as assigned

    Physical Demands

    Pass DOT physical and drug test

    Ability to communicate orally with students and employees

    Ability to move or lift up to 75 pounds

    Capable of climbing stairs, balancing, stooping, and repetitive twisting

    Ability to sit, stand, walk, and pull hands over head

    Travel for training, meetings, and events both in and out of town may be required

    Min Salary $52,000 per year
    Max Salary $52,000 per year
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