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     Partners In Education
    An educated workforce is critical to the success of Midland businesses. Partners In Education is a program of Midland ISD that allows businesses and their employees to share their time and knowledge with students. Businesses also provide in-kind services such as apprenticeships and internships, part-time jobs, tutoring, scholarships or equipment and supplies. 


    MISDMidland businesses can partner with an individual school, or the school district. Each partnership is based on the expertise of the business and its ability to help. Partners in Education is a program of the Midland ISD; HOWEVER, teachers and administrators from all area schools (public, private and charter schools) are eligible to request assistance through the forms linked below.

    " The Midland Chamber of Commerce sees the value of a quality education and its impact on our economy. That is the impetus behind this partnership. Our Chamber wants to help bridge the gap for our schools, helping them to continue providing a great education in order to sustain and grow Midland’s world class business climate!" ~


    Bobby Burns, President/CEO, Midland Chamber of Commerce



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