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Chamber History

Since its formation in 1924, the Midland Chamber of Commerce has served as a catalyst for growth. With its diverse membership and resources, the Chamber has acted as a launch pad for many organizations that continue to serve our community today. Among those are Keep Midland Beautiful, MOTRAN, Midland Development Corporation, the Permian Basin Petroleum Association and United Way of Midland.

The Chamber has also provided collaborative support for the establishment of key facilities which have truly transformed our city - Midland College, Midland International Airport, Midland Memorial Hospital, and the Midland Center (now rebuilt and known as the Bush Convention Center).

The Midland Chamber of Commerce came into being in the spring of 1924 with the help of B. Frank Haag, replacing the former Commercial Club which served the community for a number of years. Haag wrote the Chamber constitution and by-laws, raised its first budget, and served as its first president. His first order of business for the Chamber was to formulate a plan for a system of roads into and out of Midland.

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