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YPM | Young Professionals of Midland


Young Professionals of Midland, a program of the Midland Chamber of Commerce, is a service and development organization for young professionals, ages 21 to 40, who live or work in Midland, Texas.

YPM is charged with providing an avenue for young professionals to develop professional and leadership skills, build a network with like-minded peers, establish roots in the community, and energize efforts that benefit and serve Midland.

Energizing Partner


  • 20 employee Memberships.
  • Logo on the website under Developing Partners listing.
  • Logo on various print and digital advertising.
  • Option to purchase additional discounted membership for $80/employee.


  • 5 Memberships for $500 (discounted rate of $100/employee).

  • Company name listed on the website under Connecting Partners listing.


  • Access to multiple Member-only events.
  • Discounted pricing for public events.

Membership runs from January to December.

If the signup date falls between January and June, the Membership fee is $120.

If the signup date falls through July and December, the Membership fee is prorated to $80 and renews to $120 the following January.

Apply for Membership

Corporate Membership

Interested in Corporate Membership? Please click below or email us at

Individual Membership

Interested in becoming a Member? Please click below to begin your application!

*All Memberships are processed through our secure CheddarUp account.

Developing Partner

Connecting Partner

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